The Airbnb traveler isn’t your standard tourist. He doesn’t wait in long lines. He doesn’t fight with crowds. He definitely doesn’t take selfies in front of statues. When the Airbnb traveler goes somewhere, he wants something more… personal.

So, we got personal.
As part of Airbnb’s Live There repositioning, the creative learned travelers’ preferences and better matched them with the homes, neighborhoods and experiences they want in life. The campaign featured 200 unique desktop, mobile and rich media banner units in multiple sizes, across 6 languages, with 50 unique icon animations – all with lightweight, animated SVG assets. The rich media units upped the level of personalization even further by sending them to search pages with their destinations pre-populated.
Uber recognized that every time one of its customers opens their Uber app, they are putting their trust in the Uber technology—to not only connect with a driver, but to also give riders resources in case of emergency.
In partnership with the lead creative agency our Digital Production group developed 85 banner ad versions across a number of audience sets in under two weeks time. Flawless delivery across this very aggressive schedule allowed the Uber marketing team the advantage in the marketplace.
Our lead agency partner launching a new brand TV campaign tasked WAV with focusing on Acquisition and Conversion display advertising.
Our approach focused on 8 different audience segments across 8 different creative variations increasing click through rates by 1.5%
SKYY Vodka
SKYY Vodka has been revealed as the launch brand for an LGBTQ private marketplace (PMP) developed by Mindshare USA.
Mindshare launched the PMP to address the issue of media dollars being inadvertently diverted away from LGBTQ publishers and journalists through keyword exclusion lists. The LGBTQ PMP leverages an inclusion list of publishers that Mindshare USA works with and have guaranteed brand safety standards for advertisers.

Mindshare brought WAV into the picture to develop a high volume of display units pulling the core creative territory through across several IAB standard sizes.
Our partner agency brought WAV into the picture to develop a high volume of display units pulling the core creative territory through across several IAB standard sizes.
We continue to keep the campaign refreshed with the latest creative campaign.
Out Of The Woods
Out of the WoodsTM brings a range of spectacular bags that, beyond their unique aesthetics & amazing value, answer a growing call for brands to be more environmentally and ethically centered.

Made with Supernatural PaperTM, their highly functional and affordable bags are rooted in sustainability & designed to feel classic yet new.
Keep Cool Bags, the owner of OOTW, is a traditional private label that was previously only directed to big box retail.

We moved them from a catalog site and developed an eCommerce solution allowing to sell direct to consumer as well.

Our media team continues to drive results increasing sales by 500%.
In partnership with the lead creative agency our Digital Production group has been a cornerstone to keeping the always on campaign fresh across its 8 audience segments.
Our repeatable process allows the creative agency to focus on its more complicated tactics, such as TV, while having confidence that we always deliver on time, on schedule and on specification.
Liberty Resources
Liberty Resources was founded on two ideals—that everyone deserves to live their best-possible life and that they also deserve to be treated with dignity, no matter their financial ability, circumstances, or social standing.
Liberty Resources and our Creative partner Ayni-Brigade worked to redesign and develop a new website that focused on educating visitors and encouraging donations towards their cause.

The new site has been live since September of this year, and has a 150% increase in monthly durations to date.
A woman in California is thinking about buying a new car. She uses the usual websites to look for the latest deals. And as she continues to browse, she starts seeing an ad for the exact BMW she was just researching. Same goes for the man in Minnesota. And Florida.

That’s dynamic advertising for you. And it’s amazing.
Our clients think so too. This dynamic BMW campaign, featuring 98 creative units (14 car models, 5 desktop and 2 mobile sizes, each), spread across 5 data feeds (1 national and 4 regional: North, South, East and West). Feeds got even more granular within those regions BTW. In the end, we totaled 15,000+ line items with multiple price points, CTAs, imagery and more all to effectively retarget that woman in California, who really just wants a new BMW.
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