A Poem, about email by ChatGPT


Come up with a poem that talks about delivering an email

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The magic:

An email to be delivered,
a message to send,
With just a few clicks,
it’ll reach its end.

Traveling through wires and servers with speed,
A digital missive,
fulfilling its need.

It carries news,
and feelings untold,
From sender to recipient,
young or old.

In seconds it arrives,
without any delay,
Bringing joy,
or perhaps dismay.

It bridges gaps,
crosses oceans so wide,
Connecting us all,
with its digital tide.

No matter the distance,
it remains the same,
A swift and reliable way to communicate.

So let us send emails,
with love or with care,
To friends,
or those who are there.

For the power of words,
it can never be beat,
In this digital age,
where emails are sweet.

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