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Excell Clinical Case Study


Excell Clinical Lab, a stalwart in clinical testing, sought to expand their offerings digitally, moving from exclusively HCP-based local in clinic services to Direct-to-Consumer testing from home. In light of the pandemic and the subsequent digital boom, Excell aimed at complementing their business via an e-commerce platform. 

The WAV team proposed a strategy that leaned into WordPress for content management and WooCommerce for eBill payment and e-commerce functionalities with a tight integration with 3rd party logistics and fulfillment organizations.

This case study explores the journey of developing and going to market with this platform.

Industry: Healthcare
Type: eCommerce Solution
Technology Stack:

  • WordPress
  • Guttenberg
  • WooCommerce
  • Name your price plugin (Bill pay)
  • Accessibi (ADA Compliance)
  • Termly (Privacy Compliance)
  • WP Engine for Hosting
  • Custom Plugins for Integrations
  • Google Analytics (GA)
  • Google Tag Manager (GTM)


As Excell Clinical (Excell) embarked on this transformative journey with the WAV team, they encountered various challenges unique to their industry and clientele:

  1. Balancing Old with New: Transitioning to a digital platform had to be smooth and intuitive, ensuring both old and new customers found value
  2. HIPAA Compliance: Ensuring all online transactions and data storage methods adhered to the stringent Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) standards
  3. Online Bill Payment: With the introduction of online bill payments, the goal was to shorten the invoice payment cycles


The WAV team proposed a strategy that leaned into WordPress for content management and WooCommerce for commerce functionalities

  1. Consumer Experience Design: Through workshops, we gathered insights into the habits and preferences of the target audiences
  2. eCommerce Implementation: Armed with this information we implemented commerce for bill pay, in office and at home testing
  3. Integration with Third Party Fulfillment: Integrations with back office technology and third party logistics partners


Excell Clinical Lab’s venture into the digital space is a testament to how traditional health services can embrace technology for greater efficiency and broader market reach. With WAV’s expertise, they could transition smoothly, offering a seamless experience to their customers.

This endeavor was a collaborative effort between Excell Clinical Lab and the WAV team, marking a significant milestone in digital health services.

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