A Unified Digital Ecosystem

Race Rock had a digital presence that was spread across its subsidiaries operating independently online. This fragmentation hindered their brand cohesion and diluted the overall user experience. Our task was to consolidate these separate entities under one umbrella, while still preserving the unique identity of each solution line in tight collaboration with the marketing department.

Video Production

Promotional Sizzle Reel 

This video served as a powerful tool for storytelling and brand promotion, succinctly conveying Race Rock’s mission and values.

User Experience

Website Design & Development

The end result was a user-centric, visually unified website that seamlessly blended the individualities of each subsidiary. The new digital platform not only elevated Race Rock’s brand but also streamlined the user experience, making information access and navigation more intuitive. The custom timeline module became a standout feature, enriching the user experience with interactive storytelling.

This project highlighted the power of a well-thought-out digital strategy in unifying and amplifying a brand’s online presence. By leveraging our core services and embracing innovative solutions, we were able to transform Race Rock’s digital identity. Looking forward, Race Rock is now equipped with a dynamic platform that is not only a repository of its offerings but also a reflection of its evolution and vision.

  • User Experience Design
  • Design System
  • Solution Line Sub-Branding
  • Promotional Video Production
  • Immersive 3D Experience
  • Custom Timeline Module
  • Job Listing & Administration
  • Website Development
  • Go-to-Market Strategy
Interactive Experience

Immersive 3D Experience

Using a virtual cityscape, we showcased how Race Rock’s products integrate into everyday life.
This interactive feature not only highlighted the product range but also engaged users in an immersive brand experience.


Launching the New Unified Brand

To launch the new unified brand, the design system was showcased at the IEEE PED T&D Conference & Exposition. Creating large format layouts and mechanicals to specifications allowed the new brand to be officially launched and activated.

  • Hanging Sign Graphic – Double-Sided Pillowcase Fabric
    • (2) 376.8″W X 36″H, Perimeter Bleed: 1″
  • Flex Tower Graphics
    • Right Side above Door: B (1) 43.9375″W X 95.1875″H – Fabric
    • Front/Back: C (2) 122.0625″W X 190.375″H – Fabric
    • Left Side: D (1) 43.9375″W X 190.375″H – Fabric
    • Door: A (1) 38.75″W X 94.75″H – PVC
  • 2M Curved Counter Graphic
    • Front: (1) 78.1875″W X 35″H – PVC

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