A Happy Production Valentine

ChatGPT is at it again.

Amidst the sea of red and pink,
A frantic rush to make hearts sync,
Advertising execs do their best,
To sell us love, for profit, and jest.

From diamond rings to fancy treats,
Promotions tempting with sweet tweets,
They spin a story to tug at our heart,
And convince us, love is the ultimate art.

Billboards shout of grand romance,
And love-struck couples in a trance,
Ads show us that love can be bought,
If only we spend,
and spare no thought.

But amidst the noise and endless chatter,
True love remains, a simple matter,
A hug, a kiss, a heartfelt word,
These are the gifts, that are truly heard.

So, let us not be fooled by the hype,
But keep our love, grounded and ripe,
And cherish the ones we hold so dear,
Not just on this day, but all year.

We love Production, and it shows,
so give a call,
and let us solve your production woes

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