How ChatGPT helped our positioning

It’s no secret that We Are Volume reinvents itself every year based on learnings from the previous year, however this year – we had help, from a very expected place, ChatGPT.

It wasn’t perfect at first and after we dialed in our dialog we started to get confirmation to what our guts had been telling us all along – all of our services intersect and work off each other – which is a big part of our value proposition.

As we grew into an integrated offering, from pure play digital, all of our business strategies needed a new set of priorities and that focus has helped us invest in the right talent – who can handle the discipline needed to support a variety of formats. We pride ourselves on being able to dig deep into our talent database and ensure we keep agencies moving forward, regardless of the specific needs of each campaign.

Back to ChatGPT.

Using the platform in our internal workshops the AI helped refine and validate ideas, we knew to be true, and explore avenues where we needed an outside opinion.

The tool itself is very powerful and it when it gets the full dataset will be a game changer however we did have to complement our research using more traditional methods.

Sometimes knowing the source of knowledge plays a big factor in confidence.

But we started with a simple question, “How do you describe an Integrated Production Service, in the Advertising Industry” and here is what we got:

At this high level, its not exactly hitting the mark – we aren’t just Film Production, we are so much more, and maybe that is what sets We Are Volume apart from its competitors.

We refined our questioning:

Now, we are getting closer to how we view integrated production.

We should note we had already come into 2023 and this innovation workshop knowing our value proposition of how our talent overlaps across the channel plan but we wanted some confirmation, from a machine, so we ended here:

Maybe we are biased, however this is the insight we have been following since launching the business in 2019 and it continues to be more relevant today, then it has ever been.

We see a lot of opportunity with ChatGPT and we continue to explore how the platform can integrate across campaigns (outside of just writing the damn scripts) but become part of the overall consumer experience in meaningful ways.

That is where we see the future.

Our clients are in the advertising, entertainment, and marketing industries and depend on WAV to develop and produce content for a variety of platforms, including web, digital advertising, digital video, social media, and print.

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